From Safety to Unity

Our Workwear solves every workplace challenge with style and confidence.

From Safety to Unity

Our Workwear solves every workplace challenge with style and confidence.

From Safety to Unity

Our Workwear solves every workplace challenge with style and confidence.

The benefits of Branded Workwear for your business

Branded workwear is a powerful tool for businesses, charities and sports clubs of all sizes. Tap into this power by selecting clothing in your company colours and decorate with your logo for a never ending advertising opportunity – you literally become a walking billboard for your brand.

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We can provide your business, company, school, charity or organisation with all your embroidered clothing needs. 

Embroidery creates an impression of quality & style ideal for staff uniforms, workwear, school uniforms, leavers hoodies etc. Embroidery offers you a long lasting, professional finish at a very reasonable price and the application is extremely hard wearing and unlikely to be damaged by washing and ironing.

Embroidered clothing is processed in-house for the best quality & fastest turnaround. 

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Largest Range of branded workwear

Sustainable & Organic

Take a look at our latest sustainable and organic product offering. Shaping a better future through fashion.

Safety / Technical Workwear

Technical and safety workwear designed to work for you! Jackets, jumpers, polo shirts, leg wear, we have it all.

Activewear & Performance

Elevate your performance with our latest activewear complete with technical fabrics and properties. Perfect for sports clubs and charities.

Padded & Insulation

The hottest outerwear trend of the season. Select from a range of stylish offerings – jackets, gilets, body warmers – we have a style for everyone.

Did you know 63% of businesses use branded workwear to make staff easily distinguishable…

Why have branded workwear?

Branded Clothing literally transforms you into a walking brand advocate for your business. Whether it be a promotional campaign, a giveaway, corporate clothing or workwear, the benefits of branded clothing deliver every time.

Unique style

Creating a style that is unique to your brand is possible thanks to the wide choice of garments, fabrics and colours that are available.


Brand awareness

Increased brand exposure is easily achieved when staff wear branded clothing. The daily commute transforms staff into walking brand advocates.

Professional Image

A consistent look across the workforce is smart and distinctive. A smart, corporate appearance goes a long way in making a positive first impression.