Nettl: SEO

We’re here to make SEO transparent, simple and accessible to all of our clients.

What is SEO?

We all want to rank as highly as possible when people search for terms relevant to our business or our site. Because it makes it more likely we get more traffic and therefore more likely to generate enquiries and orders.

There are things we can do to help Google and other search engines prioritise your website so that rankings improve over time as a result. It is complex though and it changes all the time. But we like to make it as transparent as possible. Put very simply it all boils down to two things that you need to get right – Relevance and Authority.

What will your SEO report show?


We’ll look at the various technical aspects of your site that could impact on performance, like page structure, for example.


We’ll check out how well your site works on different devices. It’s important your site is as easy to use as possible.


How quickly does your website load for users, do they have a frustrating wait? We’ll look into the speed of your website.


Is the content on your website easily shareable? Are you engaging with audiences across different social media platforms?


Taking seriously the security of your site and it’s users is a no-brainer, regardless. It’s also an important part of SEO. Let’s see how you score.

See how your site is performing.

Before investing in search engine optimisation, we should take a look see at how your site is currently performing. Claim your free SEO audit by completing the simple form. We’ll send you what we find out. Then if you’d like, we can discuss what needs to happen to give your website more uppity bang and make it rankwoosh!

The report grades your home page based on the strength of various SEO factors such as relevance, trust and more. The overall Grade is on a A+ to F- scale. Improving your grade will generally make your website perform better for users and rank better in search engines. Got an A grade? You might be teachers pet but there is likely still more that can be done to improve performance.

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